Yes, it's true: I'm back after a couple of months of not posting a single thing on this site. Why, you are asking? Well, mainly it's because I've been very busy doing other stuff, and, for the last couple of weeks I've been in Bali. Yes, the island of dreams. Not the idyll you have been led to beleive, or have imagined escaping to. But, nevertheless, here I am and, as they say, it 'ain't all bad.

In fact, a lot of it is very good indeed. But, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to reconnect, to put some life into this page and hopefully get back to posting some more images as well as the old Pick of the Week and other things of interest.

So, to kick things off, I thought I would just post a photo chosen from the ones I've made so far here in Bali. I've been on the street in Dempasar, Ubud and now here in Padangbai, a seaside village full of deep sea diving types, package tourists and backpackers en route to Lombok or the Gili Islands (Pedangbai is a very busy ferry port).

I'm being enriched in many ways from being on the streets here. The people are extremely friendly, polite, welcoming and giving. Bali is an interesting place and the streets are lively (sometimes, as in Ubud, so lively that it's killing the place) and ideal for my work. It's not all pretty, but it's real.

Anyway, enough from me. Here's the image. Haven't chosen it yet. Let's see what I find!
A Gentle Touch in Golden Light (Pedangbai Bali March 2014)

A phototgraph, a scene, an image that speaks of the dream that Bali represents for many people.

Well, I am back. and it's good to be back. Stay tuned for more activity on this page. I hope to be posting a lot more. Both my more recent work as well as some more catching up with older images that I really should have put up ages ago.

Peace to you all