Sorry, I can't help myself. This week I have to post the news that is such a thrill and honour for me: I have had one of my images chosen for Flickr Explore. It's not the first time, but the excitement and satisfaction never lessens.
For me it means my work is going to be seen by more people. What does this increased exposure mean? Well, for one thing it means that I get my vision out there. Perhaps my images may raise questions in people's minds; maybe my photos will make people smile, or cry! Perhaps there might even be someone out there who explore my work further and that would give me the greatest satisfaction.
Anyway, the image in question is "Store Window: Texting and Reflecting". It was made in Almere in the Netherlands, a place which coincidentally we left today to head for England.
Please look at the image and if you like it, I would love to hear from you (even if you don't, please tell me). If it prompts you to delve into my work further then thank you, that would be wonderful.
thank you and peace to you all