This week I was working in the Dam Square area in central Amsterdam. I noticed a young girl sitting alone and clearly upset. At least it looked that way. So, i made the photo. When i posted it I really left it "as is', meaning that I didn't convet it to black and white, or do much other processing to change things. Why? Because i felt for her and wanted out of respect to just show the scene as i recorded it. The young woman is pretty and dressed in a lovely stylish way. But, she is upset. And of cousrse we can never know why; we can only guess. We can only imagine and make up our own stories.

But then, friends asked if they could see the photograph in black and white, so i converted it and posted it, again without any other significant changes. And a kind of magic, an alchemy occured. The converted image, in my opinion is beautiful. It is a very different image, althogh it is the same image. Magic.

And I wonder, which is the better one to represent this young woman and her situation at that moment? I think different people will give different answers. What do I think? I can't make up my mind. I absolutely love the black and white photograph. It has an ethereal quality, almost an angelic look to the young woman. On the other hand I love the original, colour version because it is how I saw the scene; it is how I originally decided to post the image. Out of respect, is what i said when i posted it.
I wonder. So, there you are. You have some food for thought for this week's Pick. And two images to reflect upon.
Please comment and tell me your feelings about this.
And peace to all