So here I am, mooching about on yet another photo sharing site, no doubt ill get used to it eventually. I will never desist in using Flickr as its part of my day almost, but after using and viewing its shiny new interface a while, it's giving me a headache! Although I'm not admitting total,defeat I'm certain Flickr will get its act together again, so here I am for a while. I also don't want to miss out on seeing images from friends that have switched completely.
In keeping with a change of site, I am using my other favoured name 'FuschiaLoft' and not xxQueeniexx but I'm sure you'll soon spot who I am from my dolls !
I'm also loving the idea of being able to write a mini update like this, incorporating a blog like piece is quite a good idea, especially to a communication addicted person like me LOL!