Following up from my previous article on the subject, I ought to be pleased to say, that with some firm coaxing and persuasion, my snails decided to move on from the empty pots and go elsewhere. This is what I wanted, but you know what they did? The little brats moved into my watering can! Off I go to water various pots of stuff, I fill the can, tip it up, and out pours… nothing. Because the spout is blocked by a snail. I mutter and turn the can upside-down to empty it, give it a good shake, and after a short while, a parade of baleful, soggy snails squelch out of the top, accusing me of trying to drown them. Then I get to stuff my arm into the can and feel around, generally hopeful of not finding something yucky, and extract any leftover snails, before relocating the entire flock of them to somewhere more convenient, and getting on with my watering. And then the next day, I get to do the whole thing all over again, what fun.