In a warm, sunny, dry gap in the rain, I took the opportunity to mow the astonishingly fast growing area of moss and tough little plants with long thin leaves that I like to describe as my lawn. The grass long ago gave up the battle for supremacy with the tough little plants with the long thin leaves and relocated itself into the flower beds where there was less competition. I mowed the flower beds too, round the edge of the intentional plants. I feel this helps keep the grass 'in its place', although I confess a shovel might in fact be more useful. And then I turned my attention to the patio... Negotiations between myself and the foliage over ownership of the patio have been on going ever since the end of winter, and it's just possible that I might be winning. The patio had become surprisingly small, and it seemed to me that it used to have edges. When I say I'm winning, I don't mean to claim that I have found the edges yet, but it is undoubtedly bigger than it was. Of course the plants have the advantage - when it rains, or at night, or when I'm at work, the plants snigger quietly, stretch out their roots, sidle along into the nice open spaces I've just cleared, and settle down comfortably, before welding themselves to the ground like concrete.