Do you ever, when you're queuing to pay for your shopping, study the contents of the baskets and trolleys of your fellow shoppers? I do. I like to put us all in order of who has the most healthy and least healthy shopping, pick out who has the weirdest collection of items, and attempt to guess what each person might be having for their dinner. It's a silly game but it passes the time in a long queue, and once or twice has caused me to have to leave the queue and go and pick up more fruit. Lately, the award for weirdest shopping (and for most inexplicable dinner) has to go to the person buying 12 pints of milk. Nothing else, just 12 (yes, that is twelve) pints of milk. What can you possibly need 12 pints of milk for that doesn't require any other ingredients? That's not enough to fill a bath, but surely too much for anything else?