In the beginning everything belonged to us all. Any land anywhere. I know what I miss. I know why they took it from us. Still, I am in the beginning. Still, I am everything. And I am horrified. A wreck. A loser. A one bird hand flapping inbetween.

- So you were here?

- Just as I passed. It´s about exploring.

- But you were here.

- I never arrived. There was a pause.

- Is that what you photograph? Those pauses?

- Yes. I want one picture. A picture like an axe. Driven right through the skull of all our overexploit-orientated civilization. I want to be blind. I want everybody to be blind. It makes it more likely that one day we will see.

- How can a picture of a... a pause, possibly be an axe?

- The axe head went deep into the soil.