Inspired by a photography friend of mine who completed the 365 Project, I set myself the task of completing the self titled project Fifty Faces. This had clear guidelines and principles that I stuck to throughout. Most importantly, that none of the images were degrading. I then found my inspiration in terms of Thomas Leuthard, a professional with a eye (and the guts) for Street Portrature.

A friend of mine, the that windows were the next challenge. As I had been taking faces, and this eyes (windows of the soul), I could see the connection between the two. I then needed a name that made other people to connect with it. That's when the Windows98 theme came into my head and has subsequently stuck!

The rules of the project are not as strictly defined as yet as I am not even at base camp on the journey that this project will take me. What I am. Looking for is inspiration! Ideas from others, names of other photographers who have attempted this.