The photographs you see in this collection are observations on my meanderings around my home on the Isle of Luing (pronounced Luing). Luing is a small Island off the coast of Argyll, Scotland part of a the Island group that is known as The Inner Hebrides and of a smaller group which has become known as The Slate Islands, named so for it's historic quarrying of slate for roofing.
Luing is also renowned for it's breed of cattle known as Luing's. their website gives the story:----
History of the Luing Breed
The Luing breed was famously evolved by the Cadzow brothers on the Island of Luing in Argyll off the west coast of Scotland. Admiring the outstanding complementary qualities of two great beef breeds – the Beef Shorthorn with its fleshing qualities and the Highlander with its ruggedness and hardiness, in 1947 they selected some of the best first cross Shorthorn/Highland heifers that could be procured . These heifers were bred to the Shorthorn bull Cruggleton Alastair. Two sons of this breeding were kept and mated to their half sisters: Luing Mist in 1952 and Luing Oxo in 1953. From then on, by following up this in-breeding with line-breeding, the Luing breed was firmly established and with many generations sired by Luing bulls, they proved themselves as breeding true to type. The British Government officially recognised the Luing as a breed in its own right in 1965.