I haven't seen him all week, well I think just once or twice. I kind of started realizing that he isn't the most important thing in my life. I haven't forced my self to look at him. And actually did see him a lot today. First when the bell rang ended first period and walked out of AVID I saw him by the glass doors. I quickly looked down and looked at Terry when he got closer. Then after putting my books in y locker to go to second period he passed like right next to me. After he did that he he was a little farther from me but I'm guessing he was trying to look at me from the corner of his eyes to see if I was looking at him, I was trying not to but I did just a little. Then I saw him when I was coming out of fourth period. I saw him across the hall and again I looked down,and I was talking to Xio. Hopefully he gets a clue knowing I want ignore him like I know he was and sill is trying to ignore me.