Well today i saw Prom pictures from the kids I go to school with. Pretty dissapointed. I should have gone but I wanted a pretty nice dress and all. With my flower head piece, crosage, heels, everything. This boy Josh didn't ask me...well I haven't talked to him for awhile becuase he's jerk to me. I thought he would ask me but i was wrong. I didn't know who he asked untill today.*Sigh* it was some cheerleader. Also this boy I think is really cute didn't go but he spent all day yesterday with another cheerleader "his bestfriend" :/ I think they're going to go out soon. He's been avoiding me, i know it so i'm trying to avoid him as well. I can never reach up to their level and I'm not good enough from them. Like the girls they want have a nice body, nice hair, nice legs, perfect teeth, big butt, everything and i'm just there...a nobody. I look at them and think I wouldn't chose me neither. I wouldn't... I know that.