For me its hard to see someone by themeselves at school. It makes me feel bad becuase I know I wouldn't want to be alone and have people look at me then think I'm a loner. I want to say hi or even hello but i don't want to be ignored but then again they get ignored everyday. I just hope no one bullies, makes fun, or even looks down on them. Maybe I'm that person that should go talk to him or her. Though i saw her today and she looked fine. I didn't see him today but heard he was at school. I would talk to him but he is always having his big Beats by Dre headphones(black)on and kind of gets rid of all human beings from him and is in his own little world. I don't know what to do. Do they feel fine just by themeselves? Do they need someone to talk to? I don't want them to think I'm just talking to them because I feel bad for them. I'll try but...I just hope they talk back to me and not think I'm stupid or weird. I need a sign on what i should do.