After joining ipernity I started poking around the community to see what might catch my fancy. I decided to search for a Lubitel camera group and found there wasn't one! Being a lover of what may be the most proletarian twin lens reflex camera ever made, I decided to remedy the situation at once and create The Lubitel 166 Group.

Perhaps you've heard of or even produce Lomography? Well, the Lubitel camera is the original lomographic instrument! It was produced in different forms from about 1946 until about 1994 by the LOMO factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. The original model was based on the Voightländer Brilliant. All models take 120 roll film, which was the most popular film size until 35mm rose to prominence in the late 60's-early 70's.

The Lubitel is one of the least expensive ways to get into medium format film photography. The only thing out there that is cheaper than a Lubitel is the Holga 120 camera. But the Lubitel gives far more exposure control than the Holga. Medium format cameras produce negatives of different sizes depending on the design of the camera. The Lubitel 166 Universal can produce 6 cm square negatives or 6x4.5 cm negatives if a special mask is installed in the film compartment. Ansel Adams, the American photographer famous for his black and white landscapes, prefered the 6x6 cm square format and would crop the images horizontally or vertically as needed.