If I get a new job this next week, I might celebrate by taking a road trip into southwest Iowa or northwest Missouri. I want to check out some of the former Iowa Power & Light Company lines and substations, or some of the KCP&L (Former Aquila, St. Joseph Light & Power Company) lines away from the interstate system. I might plan my trip by looking at aerial photographs.

On this trip I might cross over to Council Bluffs, pick up L35 south to Glenwood, and then follow county highways toward Malvern, Emerson, Red Oak, and Villisca. I could then drop south toward Bradyville and see if there is still an interconnection with KCP&L near Clearmont, Missouri. However, I think the St. Joe Light & Power Company might have strung 69-kv line west from the Rock Port area, through Tarkio and Burlington Jct., to reach Maryville, Missouri. This, along with a 161-kv line to Des Moines would have negated the need for a 34.5-kv or 69-kv interconnectin at Bradyville, Iowa.