My little trip to Bellevue exposed many of the challenges photographers face when capturing images of electrical installations. 1. The sheer size and vertical profile of the subject. Telephoto lenses are a must, and early on I learned something about vertical distortion with telephoto lenses. 2. Lighting is a constant problem. I am limited in my time, and I can't always go out at the optimum time of day. I have also had many pictures come out where the poles or towers are washed out, and barely visible. Other times the image is too dark, and does not show details well. 3. Being respectful of private property, and looking out for your safety, and the safety of others. This is paramount! We share a rather unique hobby, similar to that of the rail fan. For any number of reasons both the rail and electrical enthusiast can get themselves into trouble, injured, or killed! I often have to be careful of traffic conditions. Dogs too! 4. Composition. I try very hard to get a 3/4 shot, and hope for a good sun angle. Other times I want to capture particular details, but that is not always possible.