Dear Lionel JOSPIN,

It was surprising to me that you think that Esperanto is the ONLY language which was invented. Every thinking person knows that ALL LANGUAGES were invented. Those who invented the 3000 ethnic languages of the world many thousands of years ago were our primitive ancestors

Some of them may have lived in those caves in southern France. Because tribes lived in isolation, in one place their grunting sounds became Chinese, in another Hindi, etc.

Accidents like wars and migrations jumbled and divided these languages into the messes they are today. Two of the worst are named English and French.

Appended to this note you will find the reasons English must be replaced for aviation use. Concerning French, the first question is WHICH French? The French of Montreal? of southern France?

The many irregular verbs of all its dialects are enough to terrorize anybody who attempts to learn it. Add to that defect its way of ascribing sex (how perverted!) to chairs, tables and other objects, its crazy spelling, irregularity iof stressed syllable and you have part of the reason for its decline to about 13th place among ethnic languages. But what more could be expected from a language originally invented by cave dwellers?

Esperanto, on the other hand was put together by a man skilled in many languages. Guiness' Book of Records lauds it as the ONLY language which has NO IRREGULAR VERBS. Those other flaws of French and English are absent. Naturally, a deliberate product of modern times is going to be superior to an accidental product of prehistoric ages like French and English.

You should rejoice that so many words from French were chosen for Esperanto, where they have been embedded in an absolutely regular grammar! For that reason experiments have shown that the best way to teach French is by first teaching about 100 hours of Esperanto as an introduction. It would be a wise French government which would overcome its fear of displacement by Esperanto, and would embrace it instead!!

Kent Jones Commissioner for Education, Esperanto League for North America