The National Hockey League (NHL) is very popular. It has been the winter/spring entertainment for many places around the world for 96 years now! There are 30 teams in league, which all have highly skilled and trained players.
Unfortunately, there are no females in this league. Females should be allowed to play in the NHL as well, not only males. It is not a hands down, not a chance rule, but it is a very high chance that a female will not be allowed to be in the NHL, but it should not be a questioned thing. They should be allowed to play just as much as males.
I understand how you may say “it’s too rough for girls, they will get hurt”. If a girl wants to play in there NHL, it’s her choice. If she knows the sport she is playing, she would know how rough it is, and obviously know what’s coming for her. She would have to tell herself she could take it, because if she can’t, why would she even try to play in such a league. Here are some more reasons to change your mind.
Girls can be just as good at a sport as guys. Just because guys are “stronger” and “tougher” and more guys play hockey, does not mean girls aren’t as good. If a girl even has the chance to play in the NHL and gets drafted, she has to be good enough. She will not be able to play if she is not as skilled and trained as the guys that play now. Also, girls can better. If a girl has played hockey all her life and a guy has played for 5-10 years, there is a chance she is better because she has more experience. If a girl would get drafted to the NHL, she would go through the same amount, and type of training as the guys did, so what’s the difference?
If girls really enjoy this sport and playing it, why should guys get the chance to make it big and play it and not girls? That may be a little girls dream, to play the sport she loves and make it big in it, but she may never get the chance. Girls can be more motivating for people as well. If a girl gets into the NHL, it teaches kids they can do anything if they just try. What’s different between a famous hockey player that is a guy, and one that is a girl?
The NHL may attract more fans if girls play, and players could start making more money. I’m sure parents would love to see their daughter be in a big league like that, with the guys. More families would watch it, and it would become bigger than it already is. If a girl is in the NHL, and gets a good goal, or good hit, it would probably be more exciting because, well it’s a girl and you don’t expect that. I know for sure I would be more interested in it than I already am if females got to play, and I’m sure a lot of other people would too.
I hope you changed your mind about females playing in the NHL, and see that it is a great idea and they should be treated just as equal. Thank you for your time.

-Haylea O’Neil.