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  • vignettes

    - 10 days ago
    Super short, short stories. Mosty exactly 50 words.

  • Haiku(s)

    - August 18, 2020 - 9 comments
    From wikapedia: Haiku (俳句) is a type of short form poetry originally from Japan.Traditional Japanese haiku consist of three phrases that contain a kireji, or "cutting word", 17 on (a type of Japanese phoneme) in a 5, 7, 5 pattern, and a kigo, or seasonal reference.However, modern haiku vary widely on how closely they follow these traditional elements. I often run a 4-7-4 pattern, I'm wondering if that cadence works better in English.

  • Reflections on the Green

    - July 31, 2020
    Short story of my life to frame my thoughts on green: Born in Ohio, raised in Florida, lived in NYC for 4 years -which is the great reason I moved to Alaska. Looking back on my Florida years I recall a certain discomfort that I just couldn’t put my finger on at the time. In retrospect I suspect it was the constant greenness, the lack of seasons I had experienced in my very early years. New York City; An interesting period, States of Emergency called over 3 inches of snow. Taking the ferr…

  • And...

    - July 23, 2020
    There are the times to try men’s soles not little naughty Nike girly walks. Give me liberty and give me Def Leppard with a healthy helping of both Dylons. Fire at Will, and Phil as well as the house atop the hill where they write that Marxist swill. Oh say, can you see, nothing but graffiti? This land is their land, unless we take a stand. The herd is rot around the world. Gory gory hell’s for you, All for one and One for the money. Two for the bow Three to hold Fire ‘till you hear…

  • Rant #6858

    - June 21, 2020
    Just as a thought exercise, I tried to recall the 20 year old me of 1958 and tried to look at America, the world, today from that viewpoint. Space X, Falcon 9, the Dragon launch, etc., yep 20 year old me could appreciate and delight in that, a natural progression from the Sputnik launch in ‘57. The population explosion? Of course, easy to understand and expected, seeing the almost exponential population growth following WW II. Much of today, however, would be completely alien and absol…

  • Tomorrow's built on Yesterdays

    - June 12, 2020
    Just some thoughts while watching the fall of civilization and the absurdities marking the start of the 21st century.

  • Real. Lie. Manners. Philosophy.

    - May 29, 2020 - 1 comment
    First, I'm sitting up here on top of the world, North Pole, Alaska, looking down at the KungFlu fiasco, Minneapolis riots, California scheming, screaming, etc. and none of that has had much, if any, real effect today, on my day to day life. It all, from here, of course seems unreal. I do allow that, just as a butterfly wing flap in Malaysia may predicate and progress to a snow storm in my back yard that, as I'm at the far end of a long supply chain, the giving up living to keep from dying in…

  • Rant #6,857:

    - May  9, 2020
    Last night a friend asked if I was cranky while we talking and I said no. Well that's not quite true, I meant I was not cranky with my friend. However the world in general and the massive failure of the international mail system, damn right that makes me cranky. Grumble. Grin. I think the unprecedented, response to the covid19 fiasco will lead to the fall of civilization. OK, perhaps I indulge in hyperbole, but, on the other hand, maybe I'm understating the problem. This mail system…

  • My thoughts concerning SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 and abcdefg2020.

    - March 19, 2020
    Why thank you world, frankly I’m quite flattered. However I do feel it’s a bit much that you put the majority of folks out of work, close schools, restrict travel, transport of goods, sell out all the rolls of toilet paper in the nation, cancel public discourse, shut gyms, restaurants, bars, churches, etc., all just to protect little old me! It’s also rather nice that, to ease any feelings of guilt I might develop seeing the world stop just for me, that you state these actions are quite…

  • Way back in my day!

    - November  4, 2019
    Hum. Back in the late forties, early fifties, we built a house and lived down in Perrine (It’s spelled Perrine, but everybody pronounced it PEErine.) in Florida, between Miami and Homestead. It was piney woods country, not many houses back then, not too many people. I was 11 or 12 at the time and had a dog, a Red Walker Foxhound, named Pal. Well, as happens in the piney woods, Pal used to pick up ticks that had no trouble working past his short fur and sucking his blood until their butt…

  • Devolution, a tongue in cheek modest suggestion

    - October 29, 2019
    Yes, evolution is a theory. Yes, there are blank spots, weaknesses, holes in it. However overall it's a useful tool to explain and delimit our surroundings. I still remember spelunking, over 60 years ago, in Florida caves and finding, with delight, blind insects and blind fish. I remember then, at University of Florida, in Gainesville, seeing blind cave fish in a professor's aquarium and learning that, in two or three generations, in a normal, not perpetually dark, environment, they rega…

  • High Steel In The City

    - June 18, 2019
    I was talking here with a digital friend, Gray Wolf , a gentleman quite, rightfully, proud of his American Indian heritage and it brought back some memories from the early sixties in NYC. At the time I worked for a time lock company and this story starts with me shooting the bull with a fellow worker named Jim Cavanaugh. While talking it came up that he originally wanted to be a high steel worker, one of the guys twenty or many many more stories up riveting the sky scrapers together.…

  • Eskimo’s Story 12/25/86

    - May 24, 2019
    Met a nice Eskimo on the flight down from Prudhoe. He has just been elected village President (He didn't know about the election or that he was running until one of his friends called him and said, "ha ha, you are elected.) and was coming down to Fairbanks to negotiate $400,000.00 in back taxes for the villagers with the IRS. He told me about how a shaman drummed his grandfather to death. The shaman beat the drum while walking 'round his grandfather's house five times and a blood vein burst i…

  • Red Neck Buddha Cones:

    - March  1, 2019
    Red Neck Buddha Cones: So! For many years I’ve been impressed with Zen Buddhism and zen koans (short, sharp, arguments illogically leading to enlightenment), so, so, so here are some of that pecker wood cracker, Bubba’s, Cones At the Xroads Bubba & Billybob, walking to the bar. Meet Sallymae at the cross roads. Bubba; “How you doin’ Sallymae?” & Sallymae spends 20 minutes ‘splain’ just how’s she doin’. Later at the bar, Billybob: “Shucky darn Bubba whatfo you waste so much time…

  • Vignettes

    - November 18, 2018
    I'll be poisting very short vignettes here.

  • The Fall Of Western Civilization

    - May 31, 2018
    Not darkness shattered by a sudden cry But instead, an almost silent sigh That’s quite absurd But all that’s heard. And another day dawns brightly Over scapes that are unsightly While we all pass by And never wonder why. The populace eschews the past Noting that the future’s vast Ignoring it’s chaotic And rootless, is necrotic. Great while it lasted But everything passes In death all are equal There is no sequel.

  • A Little Literary Labyrinth

    - April  3, 2018
    Down on the farm, in 1984 It was a horror show But the oranges flowed like clockwork Sprouting out from Dragon's teeth Careful of the third wish. And now today They say The way is gay One should play No matter what may Yet I just read the words of dead Carl () and little rats feet 'cause nothing like us ever was. Two legs are good for bitter or for wurst Alex and his droogs are alive and sell Lanny's sister's long gone dead The soy boy a goyisch cup of Cheetos While the rat…

  • Just Sayin'

    - March  8, 2018
    Just sayin' Sometimes I holler when the water's right But most nows and knows I float the flow. When on top the depth don't matter and down I find my ground. I had a lot to say about today, yesterday, But now the wind is blowing from the east and handy as that is, I'll take another tack. When all is said and done Then all is done and said, But then again, most often, one can appraise and, perhaps, rephrase. To clown or not to clown But where's the rub er nose? A la…

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