Sage advice

Once upon a time in Japan...

OK, so Kōbō Daishi was wandering around Shikoku Island and came across a young Buddhist monk squatting by the edge of a raging stream. There were well placed stepping stones across the stream but, on the first stone there were two weasels, one big one and one little ittsy bittsy one, stretched out enjoying the sun.

So! Kōbō Daishi says to the young monk: "Wassup?"

The young monk replies: "Downer man, I wanna cross this here stream but these here two weasels sit smack in the middle of the first rock blockin' it. Can't cross lessen I move one and if I do I'll be upsetting the little guy and picking up some bad karma. So! So daddyoh, which one had I otta move?"

Kōbō Daishi thinks just for a second and says: Hey man, tain't no thang, just move the smaller one. Everybody know that when placed is such a difficult situation it is alway best to choose the lesser of two weasels.!"