Born in 1880 in Hungary, he was most famous as an obstetrician and excellent surgeon.
Soon became one the first pioneers in plastic surgery and even now, his surgical tecniques are still used.

He was an excellent photographer too, with great personality.

His works, at the beginning of last century, are really innovative.
In the late tweenties when everyone was squeezing out the last drops of the golden age and especially later, during the great depression, his photographs were dramatic, dark, theatrical.

Considered a first class pictorialist, he preferred to take most of his pictures in his studio, creating himself the scenography and mastering the techniques of negative manipulation making his characters almost oniric.

Title: Helba Huara - 1930

Title: Odalisque - 1937
Title: Despair - 1936
Title: Byzantiunm - 1935

Title: Helen of Troy - c1930

Title: De Profundis - 1935

Title: Initiative - 1929