"Transpositions" the work space.

This is a very simplified version of the space I work in to create my images.
Bryce is an amazing program, as the viewer you get to see the finished image, do you ever wonder what goes into making a 3D image from scratch.

For me when i first started with Bryce it was daunting, I looked at a blank canvas for ages, then i thought what the heck do I do know, well just get in there and experiment.

My very first image was a glass sphere and believe me I thought I was the bees knees the image itself was very basic and simple, oh the joy of it all, I just created an image.

There’s lot to consider when creating something from nothing, things like the amazing Bryce tools to use what subject matter, materials, color, texture, objects, lighting, perspective, camera angles, atmospherics, just to name a few, and getting use to using the mouse in a whole different way.

So I have uploaded the raw Bryce work space for “Transpositions"” this is a very simple explanation for what can be very enjoyable sometime complicated but very addictive.

For me the end result is the wow factor and buzz I get when I know I have done a good job but most of all if I have engaged the viewer my job is done.

Thankyou for viewing.