I have heard today that Paul Wright, who appeared on both Ipernity and Flickr as LincsRanger64 www.ipernity.com/home/299907 has suddenly passed away. This news has completely bowled me over, and I'm not ashamed to say, brought a tear to my eye.
I only met Paul five or six years ago - through Flickr, and our mutual interest in the history & development of our home town, Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. We became friends, and met up on a few occasions to go on photographic expeditions. I recall well one early morning sortie to Fledborough Railway viaduct which Paul greatly enjoyed. He must have blasted off 4 or 500 shots during just a few hours. His enthusiasm for photography and history, aviation and more was inspiring. He was also wondefully kind - giving me three Gainsborough DVDs on only our second meeting.
He was a great champion of our Town, and, through his photos he has left a significant historical record of Gainsborough, not to mention the jaw-droppingly good shots he put up of another great love of his, aircraft.
His photos were always interesting, usually excellent and often thought-provoking. Somewhere I know his spirit will always be wandering around our old town, camera in hand.
I don't think I can pay a tribute that Paul would have valued more than to ask you all to salute & remember him as Paul Wright, photographer, historian, and man of Gainsborough.

My deepest sympathies to Paul's friends and family.