There is less than two weeks until Puddle. In fact there are 9 days. (Oh my god there are only 9 days left)

I was kind of an ambitious idiot and told TrueFan that I would sell stuff at Puddle this year. To myself it was like “I'm going to sell head bands and it'll be awesome!” Then I was like “I'll make hats too, because hats are awesome!” About two months ago I realized that there was no time left to make the near 20 hats I had been planning to make since they included felt cut outs that needed to be embroidered on. Two months is plenty of time, you say. And you're right, that is plenty of time to make 20 hats, I just also had to make two yarn wigs to hand off at a group meet up, a custom outfit that included a huge amount of embroidery and pattern drafting, and making a mini background for a Puddle raffle. The amount of work I was facing was just daunting. I felt like I was drowning.

Enter my very good friend Taylor. While at a party at her house, she informed me that she was a highly skilled felt cutter. For those of you not in the know, cutting tiny shapes out of felt is actually very hard. She was like, why don't you come over and I'll get out my special scissors and I'll help you. I nearly passed out with relief.

This morning I started off with a pot of coffee just for me, and settled it with some thread and a needle. I had some real challenges to over come while working on my cloak. I had miss-cut it and then warped it with an iron. I knew that there was a reasonable chance that most of the problems would be covered by the fact that the cloak is just so big. There would be draping and folding that would hide that it wasn't a complete circle. I cut two, 2 inch strips to put along the straight edge of the half circle cloak. This way I would be able to attach the hood with out cutting into the embroidered pattern. This meant I would have seams running down on each side of the front of the cloak, the parts that drape in front. I bit the bullet and went for it anyway. I added some embroidered details down the front to try and soften the blow of the seams. I think it turned out okay. I actually got the whole thing sewed together this morning, hood and all. Then I tried it on my Pullip. It's two inches too short. I had been planning on it reaching down to the ground. It hits at mid calf now. I have no idea how this happened, and it's not something that could be fixed. I am not willing to put an extended strip that will leave a seam all around the cloak, including around the extra parts I already added. So, it's a shorter cloak now.

By the time that was done, I had to pack up and head over to Taylor's. While she cut out felt shapes for me, I sat on the floor, in the best lighting I could find, and made pants. I was worried about pants. I've never made a pair before, and I know that they can be tricky. Turns out, pants are way easier than a half circle cloak. I know that's wrong 90% of the time, but I have pants. They are the right length. I did not struggle with them. The cloak had me close to tears at least twice.

At 3:30 I had to get ready to meet my fiance for dinner and a movie. I looked over, and Taylor had cut out every shape I needed to make every last hat I had planned. ALL OF THEM! She I my new favorite person because she didn't just do a lot of work, but she is a felt cutter extraordinaire! The shapes look beautiful! And then I had realized, that all I need to do to finish my outfit project is sew on last hem around the cloak and attach a closure on the pants. I was internally over joyed! I dressed my girl up and was like, I can't believe I made this look just like what I had pictured in my head. Then I saw her feet and realized I was going to have to make boots now that the cloak was too short.