After the theme for Puddle was announced, I started thinking about a custom outfit to make. I went with the idea of an owl ranger. I have always had a thing for archer girls with long capes and beautiful clothes. I think I fell in love with the character picture for the archer girl in Final Fantasy Tactics. But anyway, put the idea aside for a while and then started working on it again back in March. I should never have waited so long.

I've been having a nightmare-ish time working on the focal point of the costume, the long cloak. I knew it was going to be an issue, but I decided I would just power through the whole thing. I had to draft a pattern first. I was thinking a full circle cloak, but after seeing how much that would be (huge volume) I decided that a half circle would be enough. I measured from the back of Pullip's neck to the bottom of her heel and added an inch. Then I realized that I had no paper that would be large enough to make a circle with a radius of 18 inches. I found a way around that. I don't remember how any more, but I got my half circle. Then I set to work on the massive embroidery piece on the back. That went really well, actually. I enjoyed that part. It took about a month from start to finish. Then I realized that I didn't allow space for the circular cut that needed to be made in order to create a neck line and a place to attach the hood. That's right, I had spent a month embroidering a piece that was too short.

Thats not quiet the worst part though. I went to iron the cloak, and one of the corners melted and distorted the piece. It's all wrinkled and wavy and the edge is no longer a curve.

So that's kind of where I'm at now. I have some work-arounds in mind, but holy cow, what a huge mistake! I have a week and a couple of days left to finish the cloak, pants, sewing buttons on to the vest, and finish all of the hats I was planning on selling at Puddle. I'm so thankful that I have someone who said they would help me cut out felt shapes tomorrow, but I'm starting to panic a little. I just need to keep moving forward so that I can see some results. I'm sure once I see something coming together I'll feel better.