Well I have been here for a week (OMG it seem like an ipernity :)) - and I have been VERY pleasantly suprised by the sense of community and good will that exists here.
I have caught up with old Flickr mates and started new discussions and conversations with new aquantances.
Clearly many (I would love to know the numbers) have/are making a transition over from Flickr and are bringing significant amounts of sets/shots with them. The questions is how do you release this volume of work, if at all into groups?
I say this because I have noticed a number of individuals who have "dumped" large numbers of pictures into groups all at once. To me this seems inconsiderate and arrogant. Firstly, it stops you looking at a range of individuals shots and secondly seems to shout "Me! Me! Me!".
If I want to look at more of an individuals work I will go to their profile and explore it there and comment if I wish.
Perhaps some of this is still the level of anger that built up inside me because the way Flickr management and executives dealt with the changes there, and/or it is now I am not willing to put up with inconsiderate behaviour.
So my plea is to anyone who is thinking of loading a lot of pictures at once; think again! Drip feed your work and build up sets. These communties are not just about spreading yor work around the world, but at its best about gaining good, honest feed back and build relationships through good quality discussions.