I have been exhibiting for the last 5 years and I know a lot of you either are or should be exhibiting your work.
For those of you who still have not figured the basics of how to get started, here are a few
things to do...and NOT do!
First get a good printer that can print up to A3+ [13x19 in the USA] size, anything less is a NOT for exhibits.
Create a directory on your computer and call it 'For Exhibits' that way they are easy to find and update.
Using your favorite photo editor, my current favorite is Lightroom 4.x, select, edit and place your images into the For Exhibits directory [ I wont go into how to select/edit here].
Make sure to select at least a DOZEN images, but more than 24 becomes hard to manage...and expensive to exhibit.
Next learn the art of MATTING and FRAMING your pictures...the digital world is so easy by comparison!...go to your nearest arts and crafts store and get a 'LOGAN' brand picture matting / cutting set the one with more toold is best and while not initially easy to use, will eventually save you time and materials!
Buy either a pre-cut mat [s] or a large mat which you will later portion out to make to border your images. For most exhibits WHITE is favored but BLACK is also a popular mat/border color. Now is the time to also buy matching picture FRAMES. I usually buy 'Museum Standard' plastic black frames because they have mounts in the back which most galleries use....avoid the cheap frames with either no mounts or an 'eye' mount at the back those spell DISASTER!
Now you have a dozen well matted and frames it is time to contact your exhibitor!
First do a web search of local galleries around your neighborhood, sometimes they advertize 'looking for new/emerging talent'...call those right away!, if that doesnt work
go [ yes walk to..lol] nearby galleries, bring your business card and either a tablet or laptop computer ...which has a copy of your For Exbitis pictures in a small format and talk to [preferably] the curator or any one that works there...even the receptioninst!
show them your pictures give them your card and cross your fingers for a call or email back!
If that STILL does not work....hmmm....look for ART or PHOTOGRAPHY groups in your area, ask them if they have yearly ROTARY EXHIBITS, if so join them and show your work...eventually they will call for your pictures!
Lastly, contact your local LIBRARY or COMMUNITY center, and ask them if they would like to have your art work displayed in their hall / exhibit spaces.
Those methods have worked for me...I currently have a picture of a VINTAGE AIRPLANE on a ROTARY EXHIBIT around the airports of the USA ! ...and I have another exhibit at one of my areas' libraries.