I'm having to learn to be very patient here on ipernity.

It's really weird, but even though I have stopped posting photos to that other place over on the dark side, my stats there have continued to grow. I used to have very modest daily views in single or double figures when I was active on that site, but yesterday I had 236 and on 1st August the total reached a dizzy 390! I simply can't understand it. One particular photo, which is quite unremarkable, and has quite a long poem attached to it, is now regularly receiving ten or more hits a day and has reached a grand total of 342, even though I only posted it at the beginning of May, not long before the great disaster over there when everything changed for ever. Out of those 342 views, I have received just one fave and one comment, so I've no idea why the photo is so popular! The same photo here on ipernity has had just three views and no comments.

I'm trying to be patient, slowly building up new contacts here and doing my best to be a good contact in return and comment as much as possible. At the same time I'm trying not to allow ipernity to become a complete addiction! Quite a struggle to maintain a balance.

The thing I miss most of all is the very active "Literary Reference in Pictures" group, which was my favourite group on Flickr. I have started my own English Literature & Poetry group over here, but I'm afraid there are very few ipernity members who enjoy the English language and its literature in the way I do. Likewise there aren't many other ipernity members who make greetings cards, it seems. I'm sure I will find more kindred spirits to join those groups in time, but in the meanwhile I want to assure all my lovely contacts that I am really enjoying the new friendships I am making over here, and I have no intention whatsoever to return to the dark side, however many hits I get over there!