For some strange reason, I am a different person here on ipernity! It has clearly done me good to move from a great big, impersonal site to a smaller, more friendly one (thank you, ipernity team and all you lovely contacts!).

So the new me has actually started uploading photos of some cards I've made. The quality of the photos is pretty poor, I know, but I've been brave and posted them anyway. And, if that weren't brave enough, I've actually started a group of my own. Unbelievable! So if any of you are in the slightest bit interested in paper crafts, please pop over to "Paper Crafts" group and have a look. Even better, if you make cards yourself, please contribute!

I apologise to the chaps out there who aren't into girly stuff like cards and paper crafts. Just think of it as the female equivalent of collections of vintage cars or football ephemera and politely move on to more interesting photostreams!