Well, it's just over three weeks since I checked in to Flickr and found that it had gone – or, at least, the Flickr that I knew and loved had disappeared, to be replaced by an imposter wearing a huge black cloak covered with brightly-coloured patchwork.

The rawness of my initial emotions has softened somewhat, but the dislike of the new imposter has remained constant. At first I found myself on Flickr almost as much as on ipernity, checking out old contacts' photostreams and looking at my beloved stats, then returning to ipernity to add photos or explore the site.

Now I spend almost all my 'photo' time on ipernity, and only use Flickr to look back at the photostreams of new people I've met over here and who may not have had time to upload many photos yet to ipernity. That way I can get a 'feel' for their style of photography, which helps me decide whether or not to make them a contact.

Every day ipernity is becoming more familiar, more interesting and more like home. Thank you to all my contacts, both old and new, for visiting my photostream or guest book and leaving comments. It's good to be here. I do miss the people at Flickr – those who haven't chosen to move over here – but I'm happy that a lot of my lovely contacts have decided to come here too.

I have now uploaded all the photos from my Flickr photostream to ipernity, and am slowly checking the keywords and locations for errors. From now onwards I will be just posting the occasional photo – apart from our twice-yearly trip to our beloved Lake District, my husband and I don't get out and about all that much so I mostly post pictures taken in our garden (in the summer!).