So far, I've uploaded a few individual photos and then I've been brave and done the first batch of 90 from my Flickr account. I am taking my time because I'm trying to check all the keywords and geotags before I start another batch (a perfectionist, no less!).

It's been something of a roller-coaster week or two for me, from the first realisation that a major change had occurred on Flickr – and they didn't even consult me first, would you believe! – through all the searching for an alternative 'home' and then to choosing ipernity. I've spent quite a long time finding my way around this new site, and have been so impressed with the courtesy and patience of the (very few) staff members who are holding it all together. Thank you so much!

Thank you too, to the existing members who are coping with this sudden influx of outsiders and making us feel welcome.

All in all, a good start. I hope it all goes from strength to strength here at ipernity. I encourage others to join The ipernity Club as a way of saying 'thank you' and supporting the team in what they are doing.