Rajasthali Resort
Jaipur boasts of places like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal and even the Alsisar Haveli. The rich lifestyle and traditional food of Rajasthan can be best experienced at hotels Jaipur. The palaces and markets are the main attractions of Jaipur holidays. Besides holidayers, there are also people on a business trip and looking for a great hotel which not only gives the ambience but also amenities conducive to hosting a business meeting or corporate event. Hotels Jaipur have a great and efficient staff that will ensure that all things are taken care of, from the amenities like Wi-Fi, surround sound system and projectors to catering and decorations.

Jaipur holidays also means for many people celebrating a great occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings. The wedding planners, staff and chefs all ensure a fabulous event full of pomp and great hospitality to make a mark on the guests’ memories. While business meetings and offsites are typically hosted indoors, a celebration such as a wedding or anniversary can be hosted in the lush lawns with a great view, not only of the palace hotel and its luxury tents as a backdrop but also the towering Aravallis which talks of tales of plunder and victory, of romance and deceit over the ages through its time borne natural beauty.

Nothing can culminate Jaipur holidays without mentioning the great culinary delight offered by the well trained chefs from the best institutes in India and overseas. These chefs are well aware of the likes and preferences of local as well as foreign palates. The best treat one can give their taste buds are the plethora of dishes, traditional as well as from all around the world. The multi-cuisine restaurants and lounges at hotels Jaipur are adept at serving dishes suiting everyone’s tastes.

The ideal way to relax in hotels Jaipur is at the Spa. Nothing better than making your mind and body relax through therapeutic massages with rejuvenating oils performed by experts. One can take on the world after such therapies. The other means of fun way of rejuvenating is through activities like carom board, water polo and kite flying (which is one of the best things to do here). However the hot air balloon ride is undoubtedly the main attraction. Getting a bird’s eye view of the pink city of Jaipur with its many palaces, forts as well as the lakes is definitely one of the high points of Jaipur holidays. So don’t delay, pack your packs and get ready for a trip guaranteed to leave you with fond memories for a lifetime.