In conclusion to the Bannack experience and series, I thank all who viewed and commented through out the series and I hope you enjoyed it as much as me. I have been touched in a way much deeper than just the photos. As a young man I was always interested in western novels and movies. I imagine growing and living in the western part of the United States in Montana might have had something to do with it. Being the movement west in search of land and a future, the struggles and hardships of the people who passed through or settled here were part of our local history. The sense of adventure of the time period sparked my imagination, the simple lifestyle with just the basic essentials. The endurance and persistency of the long journey in the wide open spaces, making camp and cooking outdoors on a campfire. Always anticip
ating what may lie on the other side of the next hill, river or mountain range. One must admire their ambition and courage. And all that was just the beginning of their labors. Bannack is one remaining example of the dignified and hard working people who came west with dreams of a better life and carved the road to the future. So rich in history and stories. A place that takes one back in time. A notion that did not necessarily fit into the weeks itinerary but at the last minute decided to make Bannack part of the trip. I am so glad we did, it was such an experience and I highly recommend to any who have the chance to visit to do so. My only regret would be that I was not able to spend more time there as Bannack will never be the same. On July 17, 2013 heavy rains caused flooding, sending a torrent of water down Bannack's Main Street. The flash flood came down from Hangman's Gulch through the center of town. The flood destroyed at least one building and damaged 80% of the other buildings. The boardwalks were tore up and washed away. The heavy steel mining artifacts were washed down main street several hundred yards to give you an idea the impact of the rain caused. Main street is now filled with mud and rocks. Bannack’s been around for a long time and people have been visiting there since they were little kids. It means a lot to a many people. Cleanup and repair priorities start with several buildings in the center of the town, including the Meade Hotel, City Drug, Turner House, Graves House, post office and jails.