The main item requiring attention, at least for the next few months, will be the restoration of the convict van from the Peterhead Quarry Railway, which will arrive soon after NSR61 returns home to Staffordshire. Some further work will be carried out on NER70 concurrently. In addition, there are several other projects under varying stages of development - sometimes it can take two to three years from initial approach to actually starting work. From a state of really worrying about whether we will survive - we now could be approaching the situation of needing more facilities, if not staff ......... . ETA - 11th March 2014 and NSR61 has gone back to the Foxfield Railway, currently we are modifying a traction engine canopy. Next week the Convict Van will arrive. . Nearly 30 images have been uploaded, mostly NSR61 and some of the A4s at Shildon, but also a few historical images related to the Peterhead Breakwaters.