Well I am sat here on a dull Sunday, just sorted out some old clothes to send to the charity shop and have watched F1 and yes the same result as usual.

I was wondering if anybody else has this problem.
I just can't seem to find someone local who is a laugh to be around! not that my close friends are dull they aren't but I need a friend who wants to go for a drink on a Saturday or visit the shops have a coffee and a chat. you know the kind of thing.
It seems to me us girls need to lighten up a little and get out of our comfort zone and start to live life a little.
But then I might be getting a tad too old to have too much fun.
Its like today, I could so easily have gone out for Sunday lunch then a stroll around our local meadow (wellies needed of course) then back home to a pot of tea and a slice of cake. but its all rather dull on my own.

Oh well I should have got over this cold soon and be back to my normal self and back to positive thinking.
then the fun begins lol.