I finally sold my (r) Fairyland Feeple65 body in NS. Huzzah!

I've ordered a (r) Switch 57cm w/Huisa head. I'm going to mod the Huisa head to be my troll shaman head. I shall paint her blue, add tusks and perhaps make eyes. Then I can fumble around for a body. I'd love to get the Nobility Muscular Body, but I'd hate to paint it blue. =/ I'd feel like a real jerk effing up a perfectly awesome and lovely body such as that. I also need to mod the hands and feet and I'd feel LESS like a jerk modding a recast than a perfectly good legit.

As an aside, I REALLY want to get this wig: www.ebay.com/itm/BJD-Doll-Hair-Wig-8-9-1-3-SD-DZ-DOD-LUTS-Blue-Pink-Purple-Mixed-ponytails-/221232848824 ERMAHGERSH! It's so fun! :D