Today I started making a pkf wig with some alpaca fiber. Some time ago, I made a wig cap out of cheesecloth and clear silicone. Came out pretty nice so I'm using that for my base. This suri fiber isn't the best. It's got a bunch of seconds, plus it's raw. I spent yesterday cleaning some of it, but man, it's still kinda grungy. At least the stuff I cleaned doesn't smell anymore so that's something. Lol

Once the part I'm working on dries I'll take some pics. Pong the Great has a powerful need to be photographed and I am happy to oblige! ;)

Doll Wish List 2013

In March of this year I purchased a Napidoll Rogebell head with faceup. It's the cutest head ever and I was hoping the (r) Fairyland Feeple65 girl body I bought would work, but alas it did not. I think I'm going to go with a (r) Switch large bust body. I loathe solid torsos but the body itself is nice and I think it will look good with the (somewhat smallish) Rogebelle. I'm waiting on Midnight to getback to me on a question I had and then I will order.

I'd like to get my last "core" doll this year; an IH SID Shane in RS. While I'm loathe to shell out the $900 for a nude doll with a faceup, I have this desire to make sure my core group are all legit, with the exception of Grendel. I'm going to reshell him later this year in green and sell his grey form. I'd love to send him to the same customizer, all of him, and have him completely made over, BUT sending a full doll to Italy is outrageous. Q_Q Argh!

My goals beyond that are for a Noble Doll Rhubarbe. I really don't want to give money to crazy Grace so I'll contact the Asella directly and see if I can buy from her whenever she's available. I love that little Rhubarbe! ;)

I need to take pics of Fathead(tm) since she's returned from the spa. I love my little Fathead(tm)! The Leeke Art body is fantastic! I think everyone should have one. Hehe

We'll see how thd rest of the year goes. Man I hope I can stick to my dollie plans (for once lol)!