I've been predicting that crossdressing will become a mainstream activity before too long and that the sight of a man in a dress walking up your High Street will meet with the usual indifference meted out to drab guys. I love a good trannyfest (BNO, LFF, etc), but I'm getting increasingly bored with tranny-only events. I'm beginning to feel like I'm hiding away from reality. That might have been a good thing early on in my career, but the urge just to go out into the straight world and enjoy that on a different level is getting stronger and stronger. I'm out and about with real girls as well as other TVs. It's much more fun. You get a bit of stick from boneheads and rednecks, but never any serious aggro. Life is for living and hiding away in 'safe' clubs just doesn't do it for me any more. Any comments?