I've been getting more and more irritated with people's assumptions about what I'm about. being on Facebook and having numerous friends in the so-called 'trans community', I often get mistaken for a 'trans' person. I am nothing of the sort. I am a man, who, when the opportunity allows, dresses in a manner that creates the illusion that I am (possibly) a woman. the reality is that I am a 'man in a dress'. I don't try to modulate my voice, I don't meet and greet people any differently than I would if I was dressed in my everyday drab. then only exception is that I might hug or mwah my closer friends, both female and female mimic. I an often surrounded by neurotic trananssexuals with whom I am assumed to have an empathy, and 'admirers' (or creeps, as I tend to view them. This, I find less desirable than swapping bon mots with other blokes in frocks, who do not take themselves seriously - though a certain seriousness in the choice of outfit causes no offence to this chump. Unfortunately, in my opinion, I get lumped with people with whom I have little in common (save the matter of attire). The awkward abbreviation LGBT describes my tribe, though I do not conform to any of the four categories. And only this week I came across a further complication in the discovery of an LGBTQQ (!) appellation. I have no idea what the double Q stands for. Somebody help me out.