I have decided that as of 1st January 2014 I no longer wish to persue this experiment with ipernity. Although I am not one for countiing statistics, I am afraid that a mere 4,500 views in 8 months is not worth the effort of maintaining and adding photos to this site any longer. It is also taking up a chunk of the limited broadband allowance I have with my ISP that can be better utilised elsewhere. I will now be concentrating on my SmugMug site - and will continue to add to Flickr, even though I still do not particulary like it.

I am the administrator and moderator of several groups here, so I will be opening these up so that members can freely add their photos.

When the time comes to renew my Club membership, I will not be doing so. I then expect quite a few of my pictures to disappear from this site and any groups that they may have been sent to. I hope that the groups I started will not disappear too.

There will be no more additions to this site - it has been an interesting experience.