I have been a member since the great Flickr mess up in May. Recently, there has been more messing about by Flickr so that I am one of the people that is locked into the beta testing group. Also, because of this, I can no longer transfer photos from Flickr to Ipernity. The only way round this for me, is change the language used on Flickr from English to any other such as French or German. It is still rubblish, I still don't like it, but I have that many photo's, contacts, groups etc, I have to stick with it to some extent.

Having said all that, although I am not one of these that is statistics mad, I see that since May I have only had just over 3,500 visits to this site. I also have photos on SmugMug and I can easily get that many visits in a week [or, quite often, in a day]. I am still monitering the situation and, when my renewal is due next May, I will consider my options very carefully. Presumably, if I decide not to renew, the majority of my photos will disappear and I will have to make suitable arrangements for the several Groups I administer.

There are quite a few people that came over here in the initial rush, but I see that a large proportion of my contacts no longer post on here and certainly do not visit my site. I do sometimes wonder if I am wasting my time and using valuable bandwith allowance on a site that no-one looks at.

Ah well, just a few of my thoughts.