Transdev Burnley Witch Way 2776 BF63HCU VolvoB9/Gemini2
After eight solid years of continued service the 2005 delivered batch of Volvo B7TLs were reaching the end of there days on the X43 service. The 2751-65 batch had replaced the 2701-16 Volvo B7 bodied Presidents, which were new in 2001. There were indications that the 27XX buses were due for replacement when Transdev announced that fifteen new Volvo B9s were on order, after Burnley inspected Harrogate's 3613 (BF62UXZ). By October 2013 the new look witch way buses were in delivery and the new 'Best Impressions' revised livery and branding was applied behind closed doors. On Halloween the Nelson & Colne collage played host to various dancing witches and zombies, as fourteen of the new buses were unveiled to VIPs. Guest then boarded 2770 for trip around the Pendle area, while five of the batch were placed into service. On the morning of November 1st 2013, 2776 arrived in Burnley town centre, Transdev promoted the new look Witch Way service. Members of the public were given goodie bags and a chance to win tickets for 'Wicked' in Manchester. Meanwhile eight of the new look 2767-80 batch of vehicles were rubbing shoulders with the 2751-64 batch of Witch Way buses. 2765 was transferred across to Harrogate in 2009 for the 36 service, refurbished during 2011 and is now 3614 (X14VTD). The first full day of service was a mix of rain and later bright spells of late autumn sun. By Sunday November 3rd the new Witch Way buses were venturing over the Pennines to Yorkshire. On the Sunday 872 Nelson to Grassington service, again blessed with bright and sunny weather.