Transdev in Harrogate 1700 BU03SXK as Knaresborough Connect In 2012 Transdev in Harrogate introduced eight Optare Versa integral saloon vehicles for the latest local network revamp 'Harrogate Connect' Using red and black into the now standard livery layout the Versa's 277-84 were placed into service during late spring 2012, a few weeks later than planned. The Versa saloons settled into there new roles as inter-changing between routes was also used on the Bilton and jennyfield services. During 2013 one of the former Lancashire United Volvo B10BLE/Wrights saloons (1087 PO51MUA) was sent for an overhaul and repaint into the new 'connect' livery. 1254 which arrived in Harrogate during the spring of 2013 was used on a new 1 service initially in the 'Starship' livery, by the summer of 2013, Solo 1254 gained the new 'Harrogate Connect' livery with X6 branding for a new peak-time service, which was introduced as part of more council cuts. Then in August and September 2013 two of the Route 1 buses gained the new 'Connect' livery, 1705 and 1700 were placed into service without and fleet numbers or branding.