Having visited Cambridge before I was keen to try out the new busway rapid transit guide busawy, which opened in 2012 after some delay. I used the St. Ives park & ride service, as the busway is served by three routes, A and B are operated by Stagecoach while route C is operated by independent Whippet. Tickets are purchased before travel, which increases boarding/stop dwell times, my ticket was £6.00 for a dayrider plus. In Cambridge the 07 plated ADL E400 were still working the park&ride services in red, blue, green and generic grey liveries, I suspect these will be replaced soon. New 13 plate saloons are also in service with plenty of ADL E400 deckers and some Plaxton and ALX 400 bodied vehicles.
After a two hour car drive I arrived at the Pear Tree park&ride site just four miles or outside Oxford city centre, £2 for the car park and a £2.40 return trip on an ADL E400 in green livery. Oxford has plenty of charm and like Cambridge offers some fine buildings, shops and eating outlets. Go-Ahead Oxford Bus Co operate a selection of five park and ride sites using green liveried ADL E400Hs and red liveried Volvo B5LHs. Buses are mainly red in colour, with the X90 coaches in grey and the airline coaches in blue. Stagecoach operate a batch of Hybrid E400s on there 2 service, along with Scania U94UDs in the Stagecoach Gold services S1-3 & S5 in a gold and purple livery. The X5 coaches using branded Volvo B7Rs with Plaxton Panther coach work use the bus station, with the Oxford tube Van-hool Astromega decker coaches. Arriva add further colour with the newly introduced SAPPHIRE 280 service using refurbished ADL E400s. Best Impressions provided the livery and promotional/timetable information, with usual flare in Aylesbury in mid July 2012.