Nottingham has changed over the years, gone are the bespoke unique bodied vehicles which made the city individual. Since the introduction of the low floor buses from 1997 using the Dennis Trident chassis with East Lancashire bodies. As 2005 arrived NCT began building a uniform fleet of Scania Omnidekka double decker buses and Omnicity saloons, as the GO2 colour branded services were introduced to enhance the network. Initially NCT used a white base for the livery with various colours for the services, such as Navy Blue for Clifton. By 2008 the white was replaced by grey and the base colours, and the Scania N230UD with Optare bodywork were being made as the standard bus type. By 2011 the final batches of the Optare/ELC bodied Scania N230UD's were completed and placed into the fleet, along with newer Optare Solo SR's and in 2013 the ADL E20D midibuses were placed into service.