How many times have we heard the phrase "trapped in a man's body"? Like me, many I suppose. For many years, these were words that I understood and empathized with, but which did not ring true with me.

I have been a cross-dresser to a greater or lesser extent since I was four years years old and have been interested in all things feminine since then. People have always considered me unusually sensitive for a male person. And, for most of my life I have considered myself to be that, a sensitive but nevertheless male person.

However, things have now changed and the sense of not belonging in my male body is starting to become quite noticeable. Some days, my "gender" discomfort is stronger than others, but growing steadily, day by day, week by week and month by month. There are days, when I can barely look at myself in the mirror.

I have been using the gender-neutral word "person" when speaking abut myself for a number of years but now, when people refer to me as "man", I feel very uneasy. Obviously, I do not make a fuss and try to correct anyone, for to anyone who sees me, I am visibly 100% male.

I know that in some people, gender dysphoria, the sense of not having the right biological gender, manifests itself at a very early age in the pre-teens before any sense of sexual awareness. But in others it seems like this is something that only develops in later life, like from the mid forties onwards. Are all lifelong CDs born with this and is the natural path a gradual move towards being trans?

In my case, this seems to be what is happening. Although I have not been diagnosed in any way, I consider myself to be borderline trans, but heading that way and have already seriously thought about eventually transitioning. I am not yet ready to make such a life changing decision, but it could be as little as a year away from now.

How many of you reading this are also beginning to feel a sense of being at odds with your biological body and are considering doing something about it?

I wonder...