I'm sure not many will care here but then I don't really know many on ipernity.

Anyhow, I'll let my account as it is for the time being but I don't really get as much feedback as I would have liked - I should propably invest more time browsing or look out for more groups but it's as if spending one life in two different bodies :-D
Since my arrival here there have been some people who have made dear comments - thank you, you know you're meant :-) - but the general resonance is too small and it's not the only reason.
The whole handling feels not as good as it was/is with my flickr account.. I know it's personal preference but then that's what makes it count, aren't I right?

I'm still torn but at least I'll not be that much into here in the future.

Try and persuade me if it pleases you :-D