Remember that popular theory that only certain colors would look good on you, and they were contained in one of the seasons (Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer)? I have a girl who is SO hard to dress, and I recently received a dress as a gift that is the PERFECT color for her; it started me thinking that maybe one could find ALL the perfect colors for each of their specific girls by first: finding one perfect color that you know looks great on her, and then, second: finding that color in one of the seasons.
Proving this theory would take some work, because most of us don't have the charts or swatches available to us. But it would be easy to informally test it, just by going around your house, collecting clothes (selecting for color) and holding them up to your girl's face (for the seamstresses out there, holding fabrics up to her face).
I will let you know how it goes. Feel free to try for yourself: