I was looking online again for a good facsimile for PAM hair, when I noticed that Dollyhair dot com has scents for hair! I have a Strawberry Shortcake doll with some strawberry-ness still lingering in her hair, but I had never thought about making giving one of my girls her own signature scent.

The list available is:
BERRY MEDLEY: A mixture of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries
BLACK CURRANT: It smells like the black currant berry!
BANANA BONANZA: It has the smell of cooked bananas, kind of like a banana pie.
SUGAR COOKIE: It smells like a sugary, buttery sugar cookie with a hint of vanilla.
SWEET BLUEBERRY: It smells like blueberry candy
EXOTIC FLOWERS: Hawaiian orchid, tuberose, jasmine, and patchouli
PINEAPPLE STRAWBERRY: A sweet concoction of strawberries, juicy pineapple, and small hints of citrus
CINNAMON CAKE: It smells just like cinnamon cake
CITRUS SPICE: A spicy citrus scent
VANILLA FIG: Creamy, rich vanilla with a delicate blend of fig. A subtle scent.
WARM VANILLA SUGAR: This is a very subtle scent. It smells like true vanilla.
STRAWBERRIES & CREAM: A mixture of strawberries and cream. It smells like strawberry ice cream.
GINGER LIME: A gingery, citrusy concoction. Fresh and clean smelling.
CUCUMBER MELON: A fresh, clean, summery fragrance.
LAVENDER: It smells just like the lavender flower.
ALMOND: Nutty and sweet!
CHAMPAGNE: Imagine the smell: a bottle of bubbly champagne on a romantic night!
BIRTHDAY CAKE: Yellow cake, sugary buttery frosting, mmmmmmmm.
CLEAN COTTON: Fresh and clean, just like laundry dried on a clothesline in the fresh air.
LIME: Tangy, tart, and sour, just like a lime should smell.
CONCORD GRAPE: It smells just like a purple grape!
BAD SMELL REMOVER: This fragrance is actually an odor eliminator, so if you want to get rid of smoke or other bad odors in your dolls' hair, this is a great thing to use.
PUMPKIN PIE: It smells EXACTLY like a pumpkin pie!
MILK CHOCOLATE: The yummiest chocolate smell!
CHRISTMAS TIME: A sugarplum scent intermingled with the smell of cool, crisp snow and a very slight hint of fir tree scent.
FRESH COFFEE: Your standard morning brew!
BUBBLEGUM: Sweet, pink, and it smells like you could blow a bubble with it!
ROSE BOUQUET: An amazing fragrance, like the best-smelling rose you've ever smelled.
PEPPERMINT: A very minty fragrance!
RASPBERRY: A very strong raspberry smell
COTTON CANDY: A very special scent, just like the cotton candy you remember from childhood
APPLE PIE: Apples, cinnamon, and vanilla swirled together into a high calorie concoction
TANGERINE: A very strong tangerine scent without being sugary sweet
STRAWBERRY: Very sweet and strong, like a ripe, dark red, juicy wild strawberry
HONEYSUCKLE: It smells just like the sugary, sweet flower
WATERMELON: Just like you would enjoy on a hot summer day
BLACKBERRY PLUM: Blackberries and plums swirled together in a delicious smelling mixture
PINK LEMONADE: Lemony, sugary, and refreshing!
CHOCOLATE ALMOND: It smells like warm almonds that have just been dipped in chocolate
RED HOT: That's right, those hot little red cinnamon candies are what this fragrance is all about!
MOCHA CAPPUCINO: Chocolate, and dark roasted coffee beans...mmmmmmm
ISLAND COCONUT: It smells just like coconut!
PEACHES & CREAM: Peachy, creamy goodness.
BUTTERSCOTCH: Buttery, creamy vanilla with a hint of scotch whiskey.

Demeter Fragrances make some very interesting perfumes; Swimming Pool, Sunshine, Dirt, Poison Ivy, to name a few. I can pick some scents from this list for my girls, but there are some girls who would require something very different. Poutine would need a poutine fragrance, no? ;)

Have you ever scented your doll or her hair? Would you need to come up with a completely new scent just for her?