I know we needed a list of items used already so that we can think of something new and different each month, but I couldn't think of a way of doing it so it didn't get "lost" in the discussion threads. Thanks to Scoutdogs (Chris) who suggested creating an article the problem is solved, so here are the treasures we have already found and photographed in previous months listed under the relevant Themes.
The (names in brackets) are members who have offered to set those challenges each month!
If you would like to join them just choose your topic and let me know! :-)

June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January 2014

1. A Fun Shot: Treasure ; Your favourite comic strip or comic book character; Song or song title; Cartwheels/acrobatics; Nursery Rhymes; Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; Illustrate a Winter song; New Item

2. Colour: Deep Blue; Chartreuse Green; Yellow; Red; Orange; Lots of colours; Gold; Rainbow;

3. Animal: Dog; A feathery friend; Squirrel; Cow; Cat; Ducks; Pet Portrait; Fish

4. Building: Decayed/Derelict; A shack, shed or hut; Places of worship; Something newly built; Haunted House; Hospital; Country cottage; Animal Housing;

5. Your Area: A postcard shot of somewhere in your area; Your Post Office; Public Art; Neighbourhood store; Train Station; Community Venue; Seasonal colours; General environment;

6. Everyday events: Washing Up!; Commuting; Getting ready; A day in your life - triptych; Front page newspaper; Food preparation; Dog walking; Glass of water;

7. Jewellery: Earrings; Beads; Be dazzling; Bling; Handcrafted jewellery; Jewellery display; Beaded decorations; A gift;

8. Equipment: (RustyRuth) A camera; Diggers; Drills; Access to the internet; Printers; Cutlery; Food mixers, etc.; Time pieces;

9. Hobbies: Photography; Collections; Word Games; Fitness; Needlework; Home-made; Music; Stamps;

10. Travel: An old vehicle; Souvenirs; Welcome sign; What do you pack?; How do you get there (over the river and through the woods); Travel bags; Paper memorabilia; Scrapbook page Summer/Winter holiday;

11. Technique:(Evergreengirl) A still life; Monotone; Motion blur; Low PoV; Leading lines; Silhouettes; Bokeh; On-camera flash;

12. Tabletop photo: Sweets/candy; Coloured pencils; Liquids; Glass; October fruits; Cup or cups; Drinking glasses; Diorama;

13. Clothing: Socks; Caps (hats); Crocs or sandals; Denim; Halloween costume; Worn occasionally; Buttons; Scarf;

14. Home: Favourite mug/cup; favourite seat; Your entrance; Bedside table; At/through/by a window; Dining room set table; Home means what; Bathroom;

15. Post processing: (Nodulespix) Add a frame to a shot of your choice; levitating fruit; Cropping; Selective colour using layers; Add a filter effect; De-noising; Create a Greeting card; Vintage look;

16. Personal: A favourite book or books; Your star sign; Your eyes; Your hands in action; What inspires you as a photographer; Grateful for; Most treasured item; Personal care products;

17. Environment: Any sky shot; Trash/rubbish/waste; Air Pollution; Sources of water; Natural objects in an urban environment; Wildlife/Nature conservation area; December lanscape; Wide open spaces;

18. Nature: A flower; Woodland Trees; Non green leaves; B&W image like Ansel Adams; Wild birds; Berries; Natural foliage for decorating; Favourite tree;

19. I Spy: Something beginning with A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H=Horses;

20. From the Crow's Nest: (DeForest Ranger) A pattern created by a man made item!; Creative filters; Classic Still Life; Pirates; Scary/Mysterious image for Halloween; Create a Poster; Glitter ribbons, bows & wrappings; Selfie in front of the lens;